Of All the Souls I Have Encountered… – Thoughts on Spock (i.e. RIP Leonard Nimoy)

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6 Responses

  1. zaphod6502 says:

    Oh my this is the first I have heard this news reading it here on SGJ. Very sad. In so many ways he and the Star Trek team are a role model for my interest in all things space and represented a better more positive path for humanity.

  2. Rob S says:

    I really hadn’t thought about Spock as one of the first aliens to really make us think of aliens as potential allies. I don’t have the historical knowledge of sci-fi to confirm or deny that theory, but I do know that the network was worried about Spock looking too much like the Devil. Roddenberry stuck to his guns on this a bit, though he did soften the eyebrows compared to the pilot. I think Spock’s devilish look combined with his utterly rational approach to life and, to borrow from Kirk, ultimately ‘most human’ qualities…well, together this creates a great early example in my own life of not judging a book by its cover. This was a HUGE lesson on Star Trek in general, and yeah Spock is one of the main examples of it. So I have to agree that the character of Spock, as portrayed by Nimoy, is one of the first (perhaps the first) example of how the universe could be a new source of cooperative friendships rather than a scary place. Interesting article.

  3. Fugazi says:

    Another member of the crew passes on. Star Trek Spock was a massive influence upon me as a child and still is as an adult. The chemistry of Kirk, Spock and Bones was perfect. A sad day.

  4. Linh says:

    Beautiful written. Star Trek was one of the shows that I fondly remember after immigrating at a young age to America. I made many a paper Enterprise model in 3rd grade. LLAP.

  5. Great post. Definitely in the heart of every sci-fi lover, there’s space there for Spock/Nimoy, alongside all the great authors & dreamers who have made the genre what it is.

  6. AlienJD says:

    Amazing post. Star Trek was my intro to science fiction. Without Star Trek there is no way I would have spent half my life dreaming about and pretending to be a starship commander. Star Trek and Star Wars completely dominated my imagination and play as a kid.

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