Hailing Frequencies Open – 6/8/17 – Angels Fall and they Can’t Get Up

Hit ‘Em!

Hey folks, and welcome to LAN Party day, more commonly known as Thursday! ;) Tonight’s game will be the fun Angel’s Fall First, which I am super excited about. There’s a new test version we’re gonna try that looks super fun, and since it’s been called “the new star wars battlefront” by its fans, I’m even more excited to return to it. It’s been awhile since I played it, so I know I’m gonna be rusty as all get out, but it’ll be fun regardless I’m sure.

Moving on, let’s look at today’s video of Icarus! In this video, I learn a few things, such as how to quick save (which I now use ALL THE TIME), board other ships, acquire new crewmembers and more. It’s a damned fun time with a damned fun game, and I am enjoying the helllllll out of it. Can’t wait to play more once the new release deluge slows down a bit and I actually have TIME to play more, you know? I mean I can’t really complain, but wow.

Speaking of, last night I recorded a whole series of The Long Journey Home, which was fun but kind of exhausting (I was already tired after a long day at work, so that didn’t help). What’s exhausting are, to me, the controls for planetary landing and orbital/system maneuvering. They’re just a bit toooooo involved for my tastes, but I’m sure there are folks who’ll love that. I then spent more time with Navalia (which I’ll be recording tomorrow) and Star Fleet Armada (which I’ll be recording on Sunday), so y’all are gonna get three sets of videos next week. Yeesh. Both Navalia and Star Fleet are, so far, a ton of fun (especially Star Fleet, which I am just completely engrossed in). So yeah, last night was damned busy, as will be this coming weekend (I also hope I can fit some LOGistICAL in there as well). Don’t say I never loved y’all. ;)

Now, onto news, of which there is some! ;)

That’s it for this update folks. See y’all tonight on the stream!

Author: Brian Rubin

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