Hailing Frequencies Open – 5/11/17 – Aaaarrggggg!

Such Gorgeous Violence…

See that image up there? That is a shot I took from a nearly-hour long video I recorded of the amazing Starsector this past weekend. Sadly, you’ll never see this video. Why not? Because somehow my mixer program glitched, resulting in choppy audio (this happens on rare occasions, all one needs to do to fix it is reinitialize it with another XML setting file). I thought it was only in the game, but then I realized after I uploaded it that the video itself was afflicted as well. Why didn’t I notice this on the day of? Because once I finished recorded I was tired and my fiancee had just gotten home, so I thought it was fine and uploaded it. Whoopsie. :( So yeah, no video today, totally gonna re-record it this weekend if I have time. I’m so piiiissssed about this because I should’ve caught it sooner, but I was already tired and had so little motivation left after Starfighter Origins…

In happier news, I got a LOT of gaming in last night, and it was GREAT. After I recorded a preview video of Empyrean Frontier (which you’ll see tomorrow, and the sound for that one is FINE), I spent time with Titanfall 2 (I actually won a match you guys!), Elder Scrolls Online, Lord of the Rings OnlineLOGistICAL and We Need to Go Deeper, which we’ll be playing tonight for our regular Thursday night stream. Even playing by myself, I had a great time, but it’s DEFINITELY a game that needs multiple people. It was nice to just sit down for a few hours and go through some games, an opportunity that will get rarer and rarer as the wedding approaches. I so wanna get in touch with the developer of LOGistICAL and ask for a space version, where each “town” is instead a planet. I’d play the crap out of that.

Alright, news, there’s some great stuff today!

Finally, in deals, the Humble Store has launched its spring sale, with so many deals I don’t have time to find them all. Dive in and see what they have.

That’s it for today folks. See y’all tonight on the stream!

Author: Brian Rubin

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