Getting Up Off My Ass – Weekly Gaming Discussion for 3/15/20

I Can’t Stop Playing This

This Week’s Gaming Thoughts

Friends, it’s been a rough week. Last week was our hated Daylight Savings Time switch — which ALWAYS knocks me on my butt — followed by yet ANOTHER cold. Before you ask, it’s not COVID-19, as the symptoms are totally in line with a cold, but still, I JUST got over a cold a few weeks ago.

So it wasn’t a great week for content creation on my part. I canceled three streams due to fatigue and whatnot, and while I HATED it, those wouldn’t have been fun streams for anyone. It’s tough to focus when you’re sick, and I did what I could. Hopefully, this coming week will be better.

What I’ve Been Playing This Past Week

  • Bloody Rally Show – Besides a bit of Flight Simulator, this is all I played. After many hours and hundreds of races, I finally beat my Hard campaign. Damn it felt good. The dev recently rebalanced the campaign a bit, so I’ve begun three Hardcore campaigns. Why three? Because in Hardcore you start with NO money, and have to be a pedestrian taking pictures to make money. Sadly I got run over and killed in my first two campaigns. Thankfully on my current campaign I’ve survived long enough to buy a car, but now I’ve got to crawl up the rankings from behind. I AM LOVING IT.
  • Flight Simulator X – After a couple more lessons I feel like I’m finally getting a handle on controlling even the most basic of Cessnas.

What I’m Planning on Playing This Coming Week

  • Same as above, really. Maybe some Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor, but that’ll likely be it. There are a lot of streams coming up this week, not only to make up for last week, but to hopefully entertain folks stuck home due to the current pandemic.

Gaming Question of the Week

Do You Have Any Go-To Games When You’re Sick?

For me, when I’m feeling sluggish or foggy-brained, USUALLY something slower like Logistical or Lord of the Rings Online. What about y’all?

Top Clip of the Past Week

Not many clips this last week, but this boss fight in LOTRO was a good time, even with the lag.

That’s it for me for now y’all. Hope to see y’all on a stream sometime this week! Stay safe!

Author: Brian Rubin

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