X Rebirth VR Edition, Updates to Other X Games & X4 All Incoming

Getting Some VR Love

Hey y’all, according to this post on the Egosoft forums, there’s just a bunch of stuff coming down the pike. This includes:

  • X Rebirth VR Edition – Includes a new universe, economy and more specifically geared for VR headsets.
  • Updates to Recent X Games – Incoming patches include X Rebirth 4.10, X3: Albion Prelude 3.2 and X3: Terran Conflict 3.3 which will have performance improvements and other things.
  • X4!! – All that was basically said was that they’re working on it, but hey, they’re working on it!

So wow, big stuff incoming for X game fans. Thanks to megapowa on Discord for the tip.

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