Spacey Snippets – 7/17/12

Hello my friends, how have you been? Me? I’ve been busy, exhausted and lacking in a bit of motivation, mostly due to the busy and exhausted bit. Dammit though, lots of news has happened, so out of my love for you guys, I need to keep y’all informed, right? :) Therefore, here’s just the TON of stuff that’s happened since the last round of snippets! Enjoy!

  • There have been a ton of updates over on the Star Command Kickstarter page, in which they discuss making it halfway to their goal, answering questions, updating their tiers a bit and questions on their second Kickstarter campaign. Yowza.
  • Over on IndieDB, ScrumbleShip has reached 0.15, which includes a new lighting system and much more.
  • Arcen Games has released their AI War beta 5.042 patch, which includes more efficient rendering and tons of small fixes, and updates from their earlier 5.041 patch. They also have more news about their new expansion.
  • In Legends of Pegasus news, they have a new update on the X’or race, as well as a trailer showing ’em off. I’ll also be embedding this after the cut.
  • After months without news, we finally get some regarding Strike Suit Zero in the form of a Dev Diary, which I’ll also embed after the cut. Rock, Paper Shotgun also has some coverage.
  • RTSGuru has an interesting article entitled In Praise of 4X and Nudging it Forward discussing the need for some evolution in 4X games. I wonder if they’ve played Distand Worlds. ;)
  • Space Sector has an article entitled Kickstarters That Made It and … Didn’t Make It – Update that bring us up to speed on the successful and not-so-successful spacey Kickstarters of late.
  • The PlaySF Blog has an article entitled Children of Starflight, looking at the original series and some of its successors. They also let us all know about some new Spaceforce games that seemed to have falled under our radar, and they finally have a review of Star Wars: X-Wing.
  • The Starmade site on IndieDB has been updated with a new version that includes many core upgrades such as performance upgrades, tons of bug fixes and more.
  • The Beyond Beyaan blog has been updated with entries on planets and their economy, squadron UI and music, even with a sample MP3.
  • The FleetCOMM : Operation Vigrior Kickstarter page has a new bootcamp update showcasing the difficulty of the game.
  • The Skyjacker Kickstarter page — which only has 5 days to go people — has several new updates, including more info on pirates, a personal message asking for help in their success, and a meet the team video, which I’ll embed after the cut.
  • Over on the Torchships Kickstarter page, there’s an update about the demo, which will hopefully be released on July 27th.
  • According to Space Sector, they have an article about a 4X game I’d admittedly never heard of entitled Horizon still going strong and close to being feature complete.
  • The FTL website has been updated regarding progress on the beta, such as a new save and exit feature and more.
  • According to the Ensign-1 page on IndieDB, they’ve released a WYSIWYG level editor for your tinkering pleasure.
  • The Predestination website has been updated with an article on their new combat system, as well as a video of its implementation. This will also be embedded after the cut.
  • There are more Endless Space reviews over on Space Sector, The Scientific Gamer and Out of Eight PC Game Reviews, who also has a video of his playthrough of the game, which I’ll also embed below.
  • Speaking of reviews, Rock, Paper Shotgun has posted their review of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, as does Ripten.
  • Finally in non-game news, there are excellent example of ship art over on the Concept Ships blog from Jamie Jones and Dorje Bellbrook.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeew, that was a lot. :) I hope y’all feel updated now on the latest and greatest spacey news, and I hope y’all have an awesome day. :) Don’t forget to click below to see the videos I mentioned above. Thanks for reading!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Spacey Snippets – 7/17/12

  1. I totally feel ya Brother Rubin I can’t imagine all the info you have to track down and bring to us as timely and as fast as things are happening these day’s, I am lucky to blink without something MAJOR coming out. But I do thank you for the tireless efforts :) as this is one of my fav sites..probably because I know you are so dedicated and being witty doesn’t hurt.. So don’t loose the spirit ole bud I feel ya, the heat the pressure and the deadlines I feel you on all of it.

    stay cool and keep the reviews hot and coming fast. :)

    Peace brother and THANKS again.

    1. Thank you for the kind words sir, they are much appreciated, and I am so glad you’re enjoying the blog. :)

  2. one more thing SKYJACKER I am glad you showed us this…looks incredible and the team looks dedicated.

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