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Hey y’all, since today is a day of shopping, I figured I’d help you spend your money by pointing out some new Kickstarter campaigns I found (once the folks at Kickstarter explained how to search for all projects in a category, which is under the popular projects, which is god damned counter intuitive. Again, if y’all know of any Kickstarter campaigns I’ve not covered, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Now, here we go:

  • Predestination – I’ve talked about this one a little bit before, but it’s a very cool, deep and expansive looking 4X game. It’s got planetary exploration, custom races, orbital bombardment (LOVE that) and much more. Go check it out! They have thirty-five days to go and are around 1/5th of their funding goal.
  • 2D Space MMO – This is a nifty looking homage to Asteroids but as a massively multiplayer game. Levels can be fully customized and shared with other players, and the combat looks fast and furious. This one has six days to go and needs a lot more funding.
  • Dominion Episode 1 – This is a sci-fi combat game that plans to be a single player game first, and then transition into an MMO in time. It’s got apparently 200,000 stars, the ability to customize fleets as well as buy stations or colonies, and much more. It looks pretty cool, and has twenty-six days to go,

That’s it for now. Again, please send me any Kickstarter campaigns I’ve not covered so I can help ’em out here. Thanks guys!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “New Spacey Kickstarters Discovered

  1. Mmmm Predestination sounds interesting to me. Too bad I’ve already backed up M.O.R.E.

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