Spacey Game News and Deals – 11/6/12

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Hey y’all, happy Tuesday, and here in the U.S., happy election day!! I hope all my U.S. friends who are eligible went out and voted, regardless of party or platform. ;) Now let me get off my soapbox and serve up some news for y’all. :)

In deal news, over on Steam, you can get Lunar Flight (or as I like to call it, the “awesome low gravity crashing simulator” ;) for $4.99 until November 12th. Finally, in non-gamey news, the Concept Ships blog has some awesome art from Francis Tsai.

Light day today, huh? I hope y’all have a great day!!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Spacey Game News and Deals – 11/6/12

  1. Hey, Brent here.

    By demo assets, I meant the artwork, data files, etc, things that aren’t code, but are needed to make the game work. So now you can just check out the source code which includes those, and compile and run the game without having to copy over the assets from Desura version. I plan on updating Desura version soon! I hope this clarifies things!

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