Soldak Teases Space Monsters!

Space Monster! AIEE!!
Run away! Run away!

Thanks to Marcin over at Quarter to Three for this tip. Steven Peeler over at Soldak Entertainment has been working on a new space game for a while now, and while we’ve not gotten a name or any screenshots to speak of, we have gotten little teases in the form of blog posts, the latest one about monsters! Click below for a clip:

In most RPGs monsters for the most part sit around and do nothing until the player comes along and kills them. For those that have played our two other dynamic games, Depths of Peril and Din’s Curse, you know I like our monsters to actually impact the world. The don’t stand around waiting for the player and babble completely empty threats. They stir up more trouble, call for reinforcements, attack towns, etc.

Well in our upcoming space game the monsters will behave in similar manners as the did in DoP and DC. They will still cause uprisings, start wars, launch raids, build dangerous devices, and generally cause havoc for everyone else. When they plant a Super Nova Device next to the star in the home system of your favorite race, I would suggest you do something about it.

You can read the entire blog post here. What we know about the game is that it takes place in a Master of Orion style universe with several large empires duking it out, only in this game, you don’t play an empire, but the captain of a small mercenary ship who will do missions for these empires. It sounds like an AMAZING concept, and I for one can’t wait to play it, especially considering how AWESOME Soldak’s last game, Din’s Curse (not a space game, I know, but I loved it anyway) was.

We’ll keep you posted about this game as soon as we get more info about it.

Author: Brian Rubin

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