Guns and Lasers Weekend Deals at Beamdog (Ended)

Pew! Pew! Spend!

The folks over at Beamdog are having a “Guns and Lasers” sale, which includes many space games of varying quality. Click below for the entire list:

  • UfoPilot : The Phadt Menace – Special Edition for $9.99
  • Dark Star One for $3.75
  • Dark Matter for $3.40
  • Space Trader for $3.40
  • Galactic Dream for $6.80
  • Dark Horizon for $3.40
  • Genesis Rising for $1.70
  • Crusaders of Space 2 for $3.40

I might snag some of these at these low prices. I mean, I am gonna talk about ’em eventually. ;) Again, these are of varying quality, and based on the ones I’ve played, Dark Star One is probably the best of this list, but that’s my opinion. Whatever you get, I hope you enjoy it!

Author: Brian Rubin

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