Free Endless Space Expansion “Rise of the Automatons” Detailed

The Automatons Illustration
I Welcome our New Robot Overlords.

I just got an email from the folks at Iceberg Interactive saying that the new free expansion for Endless Space, entitled “Rise of the Automatons“, is ready for release. This “free content update” adds the new Automatons custom faction, GUI changes, upgraded diplomacy and my favorite, improved AI. You can see the full list of changes on their forums. They included a buncha screenshots with the release, so I’ve put them in a gallery you can see after the cut. Enjoy!

Edit: Sorry for the misspellings. ;) Thanks Bryan!

Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “Free Endless Space Expansion “Rise of the Automatons” Detailed

  1. Well, I know, Brian, that you’re not really inspired by Endless Space, but I’ve found it a rather pleasant experience. For a 1 time walkthrough at least. So if they are going to improve it further – hell, maybe I’ll burn another 4 evening of my life for another ES grand campaign :)
    Although right now I have my eyes on that stingy money counter at Nexus 2 kickstarter site. Dear overminds from outerspace, please, make this game happen.

    1. Oh yeah, I’m totally willing to give it more time in the hopes it feels and plays better to me.

  2. Question: When will they release the $29.99 DLC which adds a proper non-rock/paper/scissors combat system so I can throw my money at them again? >.> I love the game, but the core combat always feels weak. :/

  3. Amplitude Studios got lazy on this patch and did not make it backwards compatible. People are grumbling all over social media and their forums that they can’t play their library of saved games and feel dejected. Major failure on this patch. Had Amplitude not tried to rush this out the door and spent the needed time to code it properly, they wouldn’t have the backlash that they are dealing with now. Avoid this game until this small indie studio gets their act together. (BTW, this game is NOT DRM-free. Major ding against them for that)

    1. Welcome to the blog sly! Also, WTF?! That is just horrid for folks who’ve put in tons of time into their games. Uuuggh.

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