Space Noir Spacey Adventurey Combatey Game Announced


Thanks to podcast co-host aweomeness Jim for pointing this out. Over on Strategy Informer, they bring word that N-Fusion has announced a new game called Space Noir. The game looks to have both atmospheric and space combat, and looks damned pretty to boot. The trailer below says it takes place across five worlds and thirty-five missions, and will apparently be out for PC and…wow, tablets, really?…this Summer. Right now there doesn’t appear to be an official site yet, so head over to Facebook for more details. I’ll try and get ahold of the folks behind the game to get more info somehow. :) Enjoy the trailer!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Space Noir Spacey Adventurey Combatey Game Announced

  1. I’ll be interested to see how this develops. The inclusion of tablets and the somewhat truncated combat footage (ie: lots of half second clips of one-shot kills from behind) have be… pensive.

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