The Last Federation and Infinite Space III (Early Access) Both Arrive Today! YAY!

Turn Based Pew Pew!

Turn Based Pew Pew!

Haaay guys, good news! Two games I’ve been looking forward to a LOT (and that we’ve talked about on the podcast) arrive today for your gaming pleasure (Steam links should go live later this morning):

  • Infinite Space III (Steam, Podcast) – Remember this one is early access, so it’s not alllll there yet, but what I’ve been toying with over the last week has been a blast. :)
  • The Last Federation (Steam, GOG, Podcast) – I’ve been playing this one the last couple of days and it’s really getting its claws into me. :)

You can expect videos of both of these likely next week. :) This is a perfect way to start anyone’s weekend, so I hope you enjoy these awesome games. :)

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4 Responses

  1. mattymuc says:

    Thanks, I bought The Last Federation from GOG :)

  2. Devildogff says:

    Which of the two would you recommend more, if I bought one right now, based on fun and implemented features?

    • Brian Rubin says:

      They offer wildly different experiences! Last Fed is a turn-based grand strategic, combat and political maneuvering game while Infinite Space is more of a roguelike mixed with Starflight, emphasizing exploration and real-time combat. I’m liking them both, and will have videos of both soon if you wanna wait, but personally, I say get both. ;)

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