Some New Spacey Games I Found to Share With Y’all!

Sooooo Pretty!
Sooooo Pretty!

Hey kids, in the past couple of weeks I’ve stumbled upon a bunch of new space games. Usually I’d put these in the news digests, but since I’ve not had time to do one in a while (soo busy!) I figured I’d do a separate post for ’em all. These are also all in the game list now as well. Now here we go, in no particular order!

  • VoidExpanse – This is a top-down open RPG thingamajig that’s been a good time in the couple of hours I’ve played it.
  • Asteroid Prospector – This looks like a top-down mining game that’s being made as part of an apps challenge by NASA.
  • Shallow Space – This is a really awesome looking spacey RTS that I can’t wait to learn more about.
  • Contested Space – An open-ended space combat “role making game” that looks pretty cool, and it’s Kickstarter starts on Monday.
  • Interplanetary – This is a multi-player only space artillery game where planets fling weapons at each other in a kinda Scorched Earth on steroids in space kinda thing, it seems.
  • Xeno Galaxies – This is an action RPG with a mix of first person shooter and space combat elements that looks pretty damned impressive, if not a bit overwhelming. ;)
  • Centration – This appears to be a space station game with a survival bent.
  • Fleet – A space combat fleet management thing that looks goooooorgeous.
  • Ceres – This looks like a pretty good space combat game thingy in which their dev describes it as “Homeworld, Paradroid and Elite had an odd sexual encounter”. ;)

Stay tuned for more info on these as I’m in the midst of contacting these folks and either bringing them on a future episode of the podcast or a written Q&A, whichever they prefer. If you know of any space games I’ve not yet found, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thanks to everyone who clued me into these! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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