Endless Space Released to a Digital Distributor Near…Wait, That Doesn’t Work…

Endless Space Battle Screenshot
Buy This Now, Dammit! ;)

To all of my fellow Americans, happy “We Used to Hate The British but Now We’re Special Friends” day! I was truly and sincerely so mired in patriotism and good feelings toward my beloved country that I completely forgot the OTHER big event that happened today. Thankfully my non-American buddy at Space Sector set me straight. Leave it to those awesome Europeans to keep their eye on the ball, ‘eh?

The big news? Endless Space releases today! Sure, it was supposed to be released in another month or so but hey, earlier good times means better good times, right?! ;) You can get the game on a wide range of digital distribution sites, such as Steam, GamersGate and others that you’ll find on the Space Sector post. Now that I’ve gotten into a big fight with my virtual girlfr…I mean…Drox Operative, I now should play the bloody thing, right? :)

Enjoy the game, and stay tuned for my review to begin soon (along with the other reviews I’m still working on, of course). ;) Have a great day, regardless of where in the world you are. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

1 thought on “Endless Space Released to a Digital Distributor Near…Wait, That Doesn’t Work…

  1. I got this baby in the Alpha. Just the UI changes are amazing, I can not wait to play this with some one else….and after the 4th cause I have plans for today. )c:

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