Elite Dangerous: Horizons Guardians to Launch 10/25/16!


Hey friends, according to this handy forum post, it’s now been revealed that the latest massive patch for Elite Dangerous: Horizons — which will add crewmembers, fighters, passengers and more — will launch on October 25th! Here’s the skinny if you don’t feel like clicking another link:

Greetings Commanders,

We hope you’re geared up and ready for ship-launched fighters, the Beluga liner, VIPs, passengers, alien archaeology, volcanism, and much more, because The Guardians and Elite Dangerous 1.7 updates will be blasting out of the Frontier Developments’ fighter bay on Tuesday October 25.

The Guardians: Elite Dangerous

If you own Elite Dangerous: Horizons, or the Commander Deluxe Edition, in less than a week you’ll be able to download the 2.2 update and hire fighter pilots to assist you in combat situations, build smaller ship-launched fighters in your larger vessel and send them in to battle and pilot and carry passengers in the beautiful and vast Beluga liner to new and exciting tourist destinations.

Game-changing improvements for every Elite Dangerous Commander coming in 1.7

In addition to the amazing headline features in The Guardians there is also a huge host of changes and additions coming free of additional charge to all players of the main Elite Dangerous game too! They enhance every aspect of the Elite Dangerous experience.

Navigate your way across the galaxy map with increased ease using the navigation filters, take in the new, detailed and beautiful starport interiors, ferry passengers to the most amazing locations in the galaxy, store modules for more flexible use between ships, transfer your vessels making you ready for any occasion or visit Interstellar Factors – a shady group of contacts who will allow you to pay off your fines or collect combat bounties no matter where you are in the galaxy.

There’s so much to discover in both the Elite Dangerous 1.7 and The Guardians updates, but you’ll have to uncover some of the mysteries yourselves.

If you haven’t picked up the Elite Dangerous: Horizons seasons of expansions yet, you can take advantage of these game-changing features by visiting our store, or purchasing Horizons through Steam.

OMG THAT’S NEXT WEEK! Time to dive back in! See y’all in space, Commanders!

Author: Brian Rubin

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