Miscellany: I was Wrong About Starflight – The Lost Colony

I Think I Made a Mistake! Whoops!
Yup, I Made One.

So you guys…Starflight – The Lost Colony.

I’d been honestly avoiding this because, I thought to myself, “How good can a fan-made Starflight game be? Certainly not as good as the originals.”

I was wrong.

When I loaded it up for the first time, and heard the new, near-orchestral version of the original Starflight theme song…I had tears, you guys. Freaking. Tears. The folks that made this game get it, and clearly they love Starflight at least as much as I do, if not more.

It’s free, it’s great. Check it out. Stay tuned for my Let’s Play series this coming week. You’ll be able to hear both songs in the first video.


Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Miscellany: I was Wrong About Starflight – The Lost Colony

  1. So, if I’ve never played Starflight (in fact, only learned of its existence from you) – should I play the original (from GOG) or this one?

    1. Actually yeah, I’d recommend you jump into this one first. It’s more modern and user friendly than the original, and free!

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