Streaming Staycation Later This Month!

Gonna Be All Up In This!
Gonna Be All Up In This!

Hey folks, how are ya? I hope you’re having a lovely holiday season so far! I’m writing because I have the last two weeks of December off — thanks to strategic use of my PTO at work — and I’m gonna spend almost every day of it streaming something. I’m still working on what I’ll be streaming each day (I’ve got a lot of one-off videos I need to do, both reviews and previews, so this is kind of a way to catch up on these), so once that’s up on the calendar I’ll let’cha all know via the social medias. :)

One day in particular will be special though. On Monday, 12/21, I’m going to stream games suggested solely from Patreon patrons all day. Depending on how many games get thrown in the hat, I could be streaming a few games for a long time, or a lot of games for a short amount of time apiece, but either way, it’ll hopefully be entertaining. ;) If you wanna join in and make a suggestion, and you’re not a Patreon patron, head on over to the campaign page and toss in a buck or so. ;) I’ll be taking suggestions from patrons up to the Friday beforehand (12/18), so if you wanna chime in, you have to sign up before then.

Now, a partial, tentative list of games I’m gonna be streaming over those two weeks could possibly include the following:

  • Galactic Magnitude
  • Concealed Intent
  • Psycho Starship Rampage
  • Warshift
  • Duskers
  • Nomad Fleet
  • After The End: The Harvest
  • Defect
  • Flat Universe
  • Stars of Call
  • Sirius Online
  • Project Tarvotan
  • ASCII Sector
  • Battleships Forever
  • Pilot Crusader
  • Farlight Explorers
  • 500 Days Episode 1
  • Galaxy Union
  • StarFence

So stay tuned as I iron out the schedule. Can’t wait to see y’all on YouTube as I flail about in all these games. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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