State of the Blog: November 2015

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  1. Bugamn says:

    On the topic of traffic I don’t know about others but what made me visit less is that there are only videos now and I prefer text content. I see the new content through RSS and when something that interests me appear I check, but I think there are only videos now so I have been considering removing the entry from my feed.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Sigh, I hear ya. If I could do more written stuff, what would you wanna see? It’s hard to do full reviews and such in written format because of my limited amount of time (which is why video works so well for me in that regard), but if I could write something more regularly like a column or something, would that help?

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hmmm, maybe a textual writeup of the game of the week, for example?

  2. Mr.Mayhem says:

    Personally I like the video’s. I am on your email list and when I see something that interests me, I’ll click on the link and watch it. Lately there has been some pretty cool stuff.

  3. centaurianmudpig says:

    Chin up Brian. You are doing a stellar job (no pun intended)! It is, or was niche grenre. I’d expect things are turning around. Perhaps focus on the large audience of Star Citizen? You don’t have to pimp yourself, but there is a lot of content you could focus on for a weekly or bi weekly vid.

    While traffic is down, it may be many factors out of your hands. I’ve just recently started checking you out more.

    You may also consider volunteers? Help increase output. Some writers, either transcribe or write review and previews or whatever…

  4. Bugamn says:

    Sorry for taking this long to answer, I probably forgot to check the box to get notifications about replies. I think just small write-ups about the space games with some screen shots would be enough to make me check. It’s not that I hate videos, but I don’t have time to watch let’s plays unless it’s something special (like a let’s play of Trespasser, which I would never play, but find immensely curious to watch)

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