Miscellany: Taking the Week Off.

Sleepy Red Panda
Need Moar Sleep

Hey friends, I’m just chiming in to let y’all know I’m gonna be taking this coming week off. I was slated to do Space Run Galaxy, but I’m just exhausted and not feeling it, so rather than do a half-assed job, I’m gonna reschedule. Not sure when though, but since I’m having some server connection issues — and it is an online game — I might let it simmer for a week or two. Don’t y’all worry, we’ll still be doing the podcast, Thursday’s game (whatever it is that y’all vote upon) and I still plan to try and do Independence War for next week (if I can record it, it’s a tricky one). I might actually use some of the energy I save today to…gasp…write something. ;) I just wanted to let y’all know what’s going on, and hope y’all have a lovely week.

Author: Brian Rubin

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