A Small Shift Over the Next Few Weeks…

Nooooo, Not That One…

My friends, I have to change things up for a little while in the coming weeks. I thought I could cover three games in one week, I really did. I’d record some on Sunday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday. Only it didn’t work out like that. Recording on Sunday kicked my mental butt, and I was so tired yesterday the recordings I did make were just mumbly pieces of crap where I could barely accomplish anything.

This leads us to tonight. Tonight, I’ll have time (since Nicole is out teaching) to sit down and record some stuff…but I’m dreading it, friends. I’m dreading it with all my heart. I don’t have the motivation, the energy, the…chutzpah needed to record anything tonight.

So I just won’t.

I’m just feeling very tired, mentally drained and overwhelmed. It’s not just all the games I’m trying to cover (at least six in the past couple of weeks y’all) but a bunch of other things. Nothing really bad going on at all, just so tired and feeling really overwhelmed with all the games that need covering. I mean I really don’t like being in a mental place where even the thought of recording fills me with dread.

Therefore, a few things are gonna happen:

  • No more videos for the rest of this week. I need to recharge my batteries and get back on the horse fully ready to make content.
  • For the next several weeks, I’ll be playing catch up. It’s not just new games that need covering, but games in development as well. Therefore I’ll be doing a mix of games each week for the coming weeks, so rather than one game a week, it might be five entries for five different games.
  • The goal is to make a week’s worth of entries (i.e. five) for each new game over the next few weeks while avoiding further burnout and also fitting in other entries as well, such as more Space Rangers, or preview videos.
  • Once all the new games are covered sufficiently, we’ll return to a game-of-the-week pattern so we can more easily cover new and classic games.

So yeah, the next few weeks are gonna be less structured and more grab-baggy, but that should give me the mental freedom I need to cover everything without the weight of forcing myself to stick to a specific pattern dragging me down. I hope y’all don’t mind this slight change of pace, but I think it’s what I need right now, and it’ll make sure these games get the coverage they deserve.

Thanks for understanding y’all. I’ll be back tomorrow with a more normal news/op-ed post. I just don’t have it in me today.

Have a great day y’all!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “A Small Shift Over the Next Few Weeks…

  1. Dude, take care of yourself! We need you for many many more space games to come! Recharge the battery, take the time you need, do what you have to – that is the most important thing.


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