Site Stuff: We Now Have Our Own Mumble Server! Yay!


Hey folks, great news! Thanks to the generosity of the site’s Patreon patrons (y’all are awesome by the way), we now have a professional, pain Mumble server. You first need to download the Mumble client, then use these credentials:

  • Server Name – Space Game Junkie Mumble Server
  • Server Address –
  • Port – 7134

You can also get this info on the revised Connect page!

Why did I choose Mumble? A few reasons, really. The client is pretty dang easy to use, the sound is pretty good, it has built-in recording functionality (so we might replace it with Skype for our podcasts) and I was able to get the subdomain I wanted at an easy-to-remember address. I’d like to invite y’all on to chat about games and such while we play ’em, and I can’t wait to see y’all on there. If you have any suggestions for the server, please let me know, and thanks for visiting!

Author: Brian Rubin

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