The “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” Contest is Launched! (Winners Chosen! YAY!)

You Can Win This!
You Can Win This!

Hey folks, the winners have been chosen! I went through every entry and verified each social network enlistment as best I could, and then totaled up the points. Here’s the thing. I have enough keys to have multiple winners for each place (except first place because that one is special)! ;) If there were more winners than I had keys, I used a random choice generator to choose the winners! Therefor, the winners are!

  • First Place (Distant Worlds: Universe) – granger44
  • Second Place (Drox Operative) – garion333 and Michael Clarke
  • Third Place (Void Destroyer) – giskardd and Andrew Malovrh
  • Forth Place (Dangerous) – ChiprMonk, athros13, Dave Varley, Daniele Bongiovanni and Kirk Sutherland

Congratulations to all of these winners! Now don’t fret folks if your name isn’t up there though, as everyone who participated will be getting a key for SOMETHING (I have plenty hanging about), because I still wanna say thanks for helping me out. So everyone wins! YAY! :)

You’ll all be betting your keys within a week folks, so keep an eye out in your email box. :) Thanks to everyone who participated!! I love you all, seriously! ;)

 Original Post

Hey folks, welcome to my lame-ass attempt at a contest. ;) I gonna admit, I stole ideas for this contest from both Space Sector and Explorminate, because they made it look so simple and I thought to myself, “Why am I making this so hard on myself?” ;) So here’s the skinny: I want more eyes coming this way. On the blog, the videos, the socials networkings, you name it. Therefore, this contest is a blatant attempt to take advantage of how much y’all love free stuff in order to make that happen. You DO love free stuff, right? Therefore, read on for how this shindig works.

This content is based on a point system, and the top point earners will win various prizes, which includes Distant Worlds: Universe, Drox Operative (and its expansion), Void Destroyer and Dangerous (all on Steam).  How do you gain points?

  1. Sign up for the SGJ social networks. If you follow SGJ on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Reddit, Twitch and Steam, that’s a point each. Points will also be counted if you were already signed up, but you still need to tell me which networks you’re a part of.
  2. Refer your friends and encourage them to sign up for the SGJ social networks as well. For each friend you refer, you get a point and so do they.
  3. Once you’ve signed up for all the networks, comment on this post or email me directly and list not only which social network you’ve signed up with, but the name you used on that social network as well. If you don’t let me know, I can’t give you credit. ;)
  4. Finally, if you were referred by a friend, mention which friend referred you and via which social network so you both can get proper credit.

So, for example, if your friend Frank on Facebook referred you, you would leave a comment like:

Hey, I signed up to:

Facebook – Name A

Twitter – Name B


And Frank on Facebook referred me

If you signed up for all seven networks, then you get seven points from that, along with a point for the referral, for eight points total. Each friend you refer are more points. :)

Finally, when you comment, you need to use a valid email address in the comment field so I can contact you if I have any questions or if, hey, you’ve won something (I can’t believe I have to say that, but seriously, it’s a thing)! ;) I need valid emails and valid social media handles so I can confirm all the signups are genuine (and I will be checking). Also, for Reddit, comment in the contest thread there so I can verify as well, please.

So, to summarize (or tl;dr for the kids), if you want a chance to win a Steam key for Distant Worlds: Universe or Drox Operative, for example, sign up for all of the Space Game Junkie social networks, comment here and tell me you did so and which ones you signed up with, and then encourage your friends to do the same. :)

Once all the points are tallied, the prizes will be divvied up as follows:

  • First Place – Distant Worlds: Universe Steam key
  • Second Place – Drox Operative and Expansion Steam key
  • Third Place – Void Destroyer Steam Key
  • Forth Place – Dangerous Steam Key

And I might throw in some runner up prizes as well, but I’ll keep that one a surprise, as I have a buncha keys on hand. ;)

The contest runs for one week, until Monday, 2/9/15 at 5 PM Pacific, so you have a week to win! Winners will be announced that Friday (the 13th! HAHAHHA) to give me time to tally everything properly. :)

That’s it folks, let me know if you have any questions, and good luck!!!

Author: Brian Rubin

21 thoughts on “The “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” Contest is Launched! (Winners Chosen! YAY!)

  1. Hi, I saw your post on GWJ.

    I only have accounts on some of those services so I am probably not going to win but I followed you anyway :)

    Twitter: @StrategicGoose
    Steam: gosenbach
    FB: I liked you page but I would rather not post up my FB name.


  2. I’ve got you followed on Facebook, YouTube and Steam. I will see if twitch is an option, but I don’t use twitter and twitch enough to want a bunk of message coming in from them.

    Enjoy your site, Brian, not to mention your input on GWJ.

      1. In many cases, yes. Where emails are searchable, it turns me up rather quickly otherwise. If I could go back, my real name probably wouldn’t appear in Facebook either, but alas, too late for that many years past.

  3. Brian,

    Apparently, since you’re the reason I got addicted to Distant Worlds (Age of Shadows is what did me in), I STOPPED following everything.

    However, I have decided to step back into the Space game area, and I can now quit AT ANY TIME! My willpower is strong. My credit cards are finally paid off too, so this should be a good test ;-)

    Twitter: athros13
    Google+ : agent6170
    Twitch: athros13
    Youtube: agent6170
    Steam: I have no bloody idea.

  4. Hi Brian, this is my first post on your blog!
    I love space games 4x and I often read your comments but I’ve never written anything because of my bad English.
    But you know how the word “free” sometimes can overcome any barrier? :)
    Well, these are my subscriptions:
    Twitter: giskardd
    Facebook: Paolo Novelli
    Youtube: giskardd
    Google+: giskardd
    Steam: giskardd

    Thank you very much

  5. I’m just going to email you the info if that’s ok? I’m not comfortable sharing all my alias’ out there in one spot. Will be tonight since I need to get home after work to double check my steam name.

    1. That is completely fine, I totally added the email option for that very reason. :)

  6. Okay, I follow you everywhere.

    Any and all Goodjers who follow you anywhere can be attributed to me so I can win everything. Thank you very much.

  7. You know this is going to get won by a Chinese click-factory, right? ;P

    1. The upside is that Chinese link factories would know my site exists! ;)

  8. Hey, I signed up to, and done so for quite some time:

    Twitter – @haafie

  9. Signed up on Facebook: Sammy Busby
    Twitter: Sammybusby1
    Steam: Godly1 or minemine33

  10. I got Weird World!! I never win anything like this so it has made my day!! :0 Cant believe it. However I already own Weird World so I have a code up for grabs. Brian how would you go about this by giving the code to someone who doesnt have it??? I will happily donate the code to someone who could enjoy a good space game.

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