Why the Site is So Quiet Lately – Elite: Dangerous

Oh. Yeah.
Oh. Yeah.

So folks, I’m on staycation this week, as I took Monday through Wednesday off of work to relax, catch up on sleep and, inadvertently, play a CRAPTON of Elite: Dangerous. The game is just too good. Seriously, it makes me almost cry, not ONLY because it’s so good, but because so many people I know are both playing AND enjoying it. It’s like a beacon of light after being in darkness for so, so long. So for a good chunk of this week, I’ll be streaming on Twitch if you wanna watch. ;) Stop by if you have a moment and say hi! :)

[plumwd_twitch_stream channel=”spacegamejunkie”]

You can see an example of the fun I’m having (and see a complete n00b try her hand at landing and taking off) here:



  1. Showing this to my girlfriend for some moral support in getting her to try it! I think the HOTAS helps though, as I’m still on a gamepad. :/ Nice flying! o7

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