Quintet Multiplayer Madness with the Devs!

Droppin' Sweet Drones!
Droppin’ Sweet Drones!

Last night, as part of our weekly Multiplayer Madness sessions, we linked up with the folks behind the multi-station bridge sim Quintet for a very fun and varied time flying against ships in arena combat and on a massive conquest-based map. It was really fun playing both all in the same ship as well as against each other in multiple ships. On another note, this is also signalling a change in how we’ll be doing Multiplayer Madness. We had so much fun with the Space Beast Terror Fright devs that now I plan to attempt to have more sessions with the developers of their own games, which should hopefully be a win-win for everyone as it gets us a more focused method of choosing games, and helps promote games we might not otherwise cover, so yay! Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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