Quick Programming Note, Podcasts Will Begin at 5 PM Pacific Starting in Two Weeks

I'm All About That Chat, 'Bout That Chat...
I’m All About That Chat, ‘Bout That Chat…

Hey folks, how are ya? I wanna thank you all for visiting and commenting and everything. You folks are the best, seriously. :) Now, the reason I’m chiming in is because some slight changes are coming to the podcast, and we have a quick change coming up for next week as well. First off, next week I’m out of town, so we won’t have a podcast or a multiplayer madness on Thursday or anything. That said, the week following, when the podcast returns (covering Conflicks, by the way), we’ll be moving the podcast back a couple of hours, and will now be recording at 5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern time. We’re doing that for a couple of reasons. First, Hunter got a new job (yay!) and second, my commute is so much shorter now that 5 PM is totally doable for me (it so wasn’t when we began the podcast and my commute from work was around an hour). You can see these changes reflected in the calendar, which will be the first and best place to keep up with upcoming podcasts, games of the week, streaming events and more. Thanks for reading/listening/watching folks, and have a great day!

Author: Brian Rubin

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