Off-Topic, Kinda: Yay! Upcoming Time Off to Blog Confirmed! ;)

Go Go's Vacation Album Cover
All I Ever Wanted. ;)

I realized some time last month that it’s been a while since I had any serious time off from work (besides holidays or sick days). In thinking about it, I realized there were really only two things I seriously wanted to do with some time off (besides sleep in of course):

  1. Play lots of video games
  2. And get caught up with content for this blog. :)

So for one week later this month, I hope to get SERIOUSLY caught up on my content queue, and I am REALLY looking forward to it. :) I mean sure, some people travel and such on their vacations, but this is what I love. ;)

So thanks for your patience and everything folks. I’ve not been putting out content as quickly as I’d like, but again, it’s all about finding a balance. :) Anyway, thanks for reading folks. Have an awesome day. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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