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So here’s the deal. Last week I was given a Steam key for a press copy of Strike Suit Zero so I could play and write about it before the game’s launch. Cool cool cool, I did so and had both fun and frustration with it. THEN, yesterday, I get an email with my Steam key due to backing the game’s successful Kickstarter campaign. I then wondered, what am I gonna do with this?

HAH! Have a contest, I thought to myself…but a contest on what? I’ve already done one for a logo, one for following the site on Twitter and Facebook, and even a poetry contest, so after brainstorming a bit, it finally hit me…an essay contest! It’s something everyone can participate in while showing off people’s love of the subject. What is the subject? Your favorite spaceship!

I mean c’mon, we all have our favorites, right? Whether it’s the Galactica, Serenity, the Millennium Falcon, the Enterprise, Max or whatever else. ;) Ships that capture our imagination, ships that we really connect with, that sort of thing. Therefore, I’d like y’all to write a 500 minimum word essay on your favorite spaceship, including when you first saw it, why it’s your favorite and so on. The best essay will win the SSZ key! :)

The contest starts now and ends on Friday, February 8th, 2012. Please send essays to me by emailing me at contests at spacegamejunkie dot com with a copy of the essay in preferably Word format. Thanks for your time, and good luck!! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Win a Strike Suit Zero Steam Key: Favorite Spaceship Essay Contest

  1. i like it! i held off on SSZ due to StarCitizen, but this sounds like fun.

  2. Weird. I was cleaning folders and ran across my entry for this and wanted to check in to see what ship/essay ended up winning… did the submission process change? I remember clicking on a link and pasting the text into the box it gave me, but now it says e-mail a Word Doc. Did I hallucinate instructions to use the contact form? If I remember right I was pretty sick that week so it’s entirely possible.

    1. Let me look into this…I kinda forgot about it. (I’m an idiot sometimes). ;)

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