Forget the Guns! RAMMING SPEED! (i.e. Big Stuff Incoming!)


Tl;dr: Massive Amounts of Content Are Coming Your Way!

  • What’s Staying the Same – Game of the Week, One-Off Pre-recorded Videos, Podcast, LAN Party Thursdays
  • What’s Being Added – Monday through Friday Streaming, Daily News Digests, More Written and Video Content as it Comes to Me
  • What’s Being Removed – Nothing! There’s just going to be tons more content, y’all!

If you want more information, keep reading!

Friends, big news: I got laid off from my job! Some background. Back in 2011, I was unemployed and began Space Game Junkie as a passion project to give me something constructive to do with my time. Then, two weeks later, I got a full-time job. With that job now in my rear-view mirror, it’s time to devote my newfound extra time to the thing that brings me more joy in this world than almost anything else: Space Game Junkie.

Starting on 8/5, Space Game Junkie will be adding daily streaming to its roster. I’ll also be able to do daily news digests here on the site like I’ve always wanted to do along with other written content, and able to better engage via social media and other channels. To be succinct, I’m diving into supporting Space Game Junkie full-time, head first, full speed ahead. For the time being, I hope to mix generating content here with freelance work in order to pay my bills, eventually moving to this full-time if successful enough.

Now for the nitty-gritty. Monday through Friday will still see our usual pre-recorded game of the week coverage, other more formal one-off videos covering previews and reviews as well as our usual live evening streams. Now, however, we’ll be adding live streaming Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM Pacific time.

Now, as much as we all love space games, if that’s ALL I streamed, that might drive me batty. Variety is the spice and all that, and I’m a very ADHD gamer. ;) So here’s what I have planned, initially:

Monday and Friday streams will still be dedicated to space games. Monday will either be a classic game — like TIE Fighter — or a preview of a game, while Friday will either continue a game of the week until its conclusion or deal with an entirely new game. So, Mondays, classic space game, Fridays. more current space game.

Tuesday through Thursday will be a bit more fluid. I believe in siloing content, which means sticking with genres I love, such as Space Game Junkie. Therefore, Tuesday through Thursday will feature streams covering the following:

  • Mech Games – Another favorite genre of mine. We’ll likely start with something I’ve yet to play, like Mechwarrior 3.
  • Sim Games – What I mean by this is simulation games, such as flight sims, tank sims, naval sims, etc. We’ll likely start with one of my favorite jet fighter sims, TFX. Or maybe, if I can capture it, Jane’s Fighters Anthology. For this, I’m more focused on sims with some actual gameplay, rather than sims that heavily rely on switchology as some form of weird substitute for their gameplay (i.e. more Jane’s, less DCS).
  • Roguelike Games – I kinda started this already with Rogue Game Junkie some time back; well now it’s time to dive full-on in. We’ll likely merge genres and continue our look at Interstellar Rogue to start.
  • Open World Games – I am a nut for games with a big map with stuff to do on it. We’ll likely start with a game I’ve barely touched, yet keep meaning to spend more time in, Far Cry 2, which I’m told is the best of the Far Cries.
  • Strategy Games – I am just a sucker for a good strategy game, be it space, fantasy, WWII or whatever. I figure for this one, we’ll start with something I’ve been meaning to play more of, Deity Empires.
  • Random Games – I get sent a lot of games that don’t fit in any of the above categories, but hey, they send ’em to me, so I should cover them, right? NO idea what I’ll start with here.

The plan will be, for the genre-specific streams, to play through one game until I either finish it or get fed up with it and move on, while the random stream might just be one game one time, or multiple games in one stream.

For the time being, I’ll be streaming all of these solely on the Space Game Junkie channels, but if they garner enough interest, I’ll branch them off to their own channels. These streams will also be cycled in and out every other week, and all of this will be available on the calendar.

Now with all that said, please keep in mind that this is my first stab at this. I could be doing everything wrong and should just ultimately stick with space games. We might find one genre doesn’t do so well, or that my initial idea of a schedule is untenable. This means none of the above is set in stone, and I’ll likely make changes based on what works and what doesn’t.

What I do know is I’ll need your help, your patience, and your understanding. I’ve not pushed Patreon much because, up until this point, I’ve had a job, but now I’m going to be leaning on it heavily. I’ll also be turning on ads (which I’m not a fan of, but if I plan to make a go of this, they’ll be needed), as well as offering other methods of support, from PayPal donations to merchandise. Friends, if even a fraction of the folks who follow me on YouTube donated just one dollar a month, that’s rent. I could move to making this a full-time endeavor with enough support.

Even if you can’t support my work monetarily (which is of course completely fine), you can help by spreading the word. Tell your gaming friends about the YouTube channel. Invite people to the Discord or Facebook groups. Any little bit you can help will ultimately go a long way toward making this endeavor the full-time success I know it can be.

This is both a scary and exciting time for me, but I couldn’t be more thrilled. I mean, I’ve built this thing on a very part-time basis over the past several years, so I can’t WAIT to see what I can do once I have a ton more time and energy to dedicate to my content and you folks, our community. This is going to be the start of something great, and I’m thrilled to have you all along with me for the ride.

Author: Brian Rubin

14 thoughts on “Forget the Guns! RAMMING SPEED! (i.e. Big Stuff Incoming!)

  1. Great for you Brian! Always feels nice to pursue things you love and devote (full) time to them. Hope it pans out well and you grow steadily!

  2. Hey Ruben, I can commiserate with the fear; the loss of a job can be a stunning blow. Everyone has been there in one way, or another. But, I really believe you will make a successful go at generating a livable youtube, and murchandise income. I would buy a coffee cup with your Space Game Junkie logo as an example. If you already have one, dine deal. I follow a young woman, Lady Lillia who plays D&D type games old, and new. Along with Patreon, advertising, and memberships, I think she makes a pretty good living. Not one of the big, big dogs, but making it work. And, she is not as visable out there in the either as you are.

    You have been my go to source for so many games I enjoy playing that I would have never found, noticed, or taken a chance on until after watching your channel. You are also a great source for figuring out how some of the confusing machaics work, and I love to hear from the Devs talking about their coded babies as you ask them the needed questions. You are very intertaining, laugh out loud funny at times in your aporoach to figuring out a new game, and with the podcast crew banter.

    Good luck sir, your fans are with you.

  3. Ummmm…you do have a store. I think i knew that. Time to shop! Appologies for addressing you as Rubin rather than Brian. Saw your post this morning in the midst of work place madness, and had a moment of panic wondering what was happening with you.

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