Let’s Play Stellaris – Entry 4 – Crap’s About to Go Down

Getting Tight Suddenly...
Getting Tight Suddenly…

Welcome back to Stellaris my friends! In this entry, I take my small military fleet and survey some of the enemies surrounding our territory. I then find out that we’re clearly not ready to deal with them, so I send the fleet back home to build up as I get the resources. My science ship also finds a few dormant ships for us to take over, which helps this goal. In the meantime, my science ship has been busy as heck surveying systems and running away from bad guys, while I’m working to make our neighbors hate us just a little less, and I think I’m slowly succeeding. I’ve also upped my energy production and have almost completed a survey asked of us by the government, so all in all, an eventful session! Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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