Not on Steam Sale Launches

Fantastic Idea...
Fantastic Idea…

So this is an interesting development. The folks at Flippfly, who made the fun endless racer Race the Sun, is spearheading a new endeavor called Not a Steam Sale in which they aim to show how many awesome games are around that AREN’T on Steam. Included is three spacey games, Drifter, Longshot and Ring Runner along with a bunch of other cool looking games all for at least 25% off, and these games will be on sale for a week. Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea, because while Steam is fantastic, it shouldn’t be the only way  folks acquire their games (trust me, I’ve sadly run into this). I implore y’all, therefore, to go check the sale out and maybe buy at least one game to support then endeavor. I know I will, just dunno which one since I already own the three above. ;) Happy shopping!

Author: Brian Rubin

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