Spacey Weekend Deals

This is Too Awesome Not To Use...
This is Too Awesome Not To Use…

Heh, I wonder if this is gonna become a regular thing, as I did a similar post last week. Regardless, there are some spacey game deals I wanted to let’chall know about. These include:

  • BundleStars has a sale on Space Rangers HD for $12.50 for the next three days, which gets you a Steam key. They also have a Reboot Bundle which includes Space Pirates and Zombies, among other games, for $2 currently, which will go up after the first 48 hours are over, they say.
  • GOG is currently having a Strategy and Action Special weekend deal which includes Space Empires IV: Deluxe for $3.99 (which isn’t bad, but I’ve seen it for cheaper elsewhere) and O.R.B. for $2.39, which is a great price for what I thought was a seriously underrated game. O.R.B. also comes with a great soundtrack as well.

That’s all I could find for now folks. Enjoy, and happy savings! ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

9 thoughts on “Spacey Weekend Deals

  1. Seems like whenever I go to GOG to buy one of these bundles, I log in and the price list changes to:

    Owned, Owned, Owned, Owned, Owned…

    1. Totally the same here. Out of this current deal there’s maybe 3 games on the list I don’t already own.

    1. It’s been ages since I played it, but I recall enjoying it well enough. Then again, I am a slut for these sorts of things. ;)

  2. I keep bouncing off the tutorial, but I get the sense that there’s a game in there that I want to play once I force myself to actually do it. I keep finding myself quitting to play Pixxelfrazzer.

    I think it’s partly the Homeworld thing; I found I liked everything about Homeworld except the combat. I kind of wish someone would build something like Castles in space with Homeworld-like tech; let me build some big elaborate deathtrap and then let the Space Vikings try to sack it, repeat.

  3. I’ll pay for Space Empires IV the day the dev fixes the multiplayer he’s been advertising in it for what, 8 years?

    1. Hey Raz, welcome to the comments. I’ve not played SEIV in MP, what’s wrong with it?

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