Some Spacey Deals for Y’all

Tons of Space Games on Sale!
Some Good Stuff This Weekend…

Hey guys, just chiming in real quick to let’cha know about some spacey sales going on. First, this week’s Humble Weekly Sale is pretty much every X game…ever. Seriously, all of them, for the current rate of $6. For this you also get some soundtracks, which is overall an amazing deal. The other deal is that GamersGate is having an Arcen Weekend, which includes AI War and all of its expansions. Don’t forget also the aforementioned Wing Commander Sale on GOG. Happy saving! :)

Edit: Thanks to Zeraan for also chiming in letting me know that part of Steam’s Talk Like a Pirate Day Sale includes Space Pirates and Zombies for $2.49. Thanks mate!

Author: Brian Rubin

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