Spacey Snippets – 4/23/12

All those little dots are news stories...


Hey y’all, welcome to another snippy installment! Been way too long since I did one of these, so there’s a TON of crap to cover, so let’s just jump right in…

And that’s it. Whew!! Enjoy all the news, and have an awesome day!


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4 Responses to Spacey Snippets – 4/23/12

  1. Lulloser says:

    The Ensign-1 Link doesnt work ;)

  2. doctor_roxo says:

    wanna try that Freeworlds mod so bad. how come Freelancer isn't available for digital download anywhere?

    • Brian Rubin Brian Rubin says:

      While I'd love to see it on Steam, I'd HATE to see it on Xbox/GFWL. :/


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