Let’s Play TIE Fighter – Entry 33 – Holy Geez

Eat Hot Death, Lambda!

Eat Hot Death, Lambda!

Hey folks, welcome back to TIE Fighter! In this mission, we have to defend our recently re-acquired TIE Defender research facility. It’s a CRAZY mission with tons of stuff going on, and I have to deal with enemy TIE Defenders AND tough Assault Transports without the assistance of wingmen, and as you can imagine, it doesn’t go well. After three failures, I resolve to return to the mission later and, once I finish it, I’ll post another video, but until then, please enjoy the chaos of the mission:

Tour of Duty IX: T/D Technology – Mission 2: Hold Platform

Thanks for watching!

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Paragon – Elite and Efficient Space Trucking

Pretty Sunset on a Far Away World...

Pretty Sunset on a Far Away World…

Hey folks, you might remember from our podcast on Elite Alternatives that Jim and I became enamored with a game called Paragon. Paragon is a paid fork of the free, open source Pioneer space sim, which mimics the gameplay of Elite 2: Frontier. Paragon strives to be more efficient, streamlined and prettier than Pioneer, and it definitely succeeds. Several hours in, and I’m having a great time just being a space trucker (there is combat in the game, I’ve just not gotten to it yet). I therefore wanted to do a video showing off some of the early gameplay. I hope you enjoy it. :)

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Incoming! New Spacey Gaminess on the Horizon!

So Many Games! So Little Time!

Hey kids, how are ya? I'm popping in because I've been swamped with info surrounding a passel of new … [Continue reading]