The Holiday Sales are Upon Us! Check Out My Buying Guides for Help! :)

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

Hold Onto Your Wallets!

Hey guys, as of right now the massive holiday Steam sale is set to begin today and go through early January, so I wanted to remind y’all that I spent a bunch of time creating space game buying guides to help y’all find the best deals. These include:

I hope you find these guides helpful, and that you get all the awesome games you want this holiday season! :)

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News Cannon for 12/18/14: Shouldn’t You Folks be on Steam Right Now? ;)

It's the News!

Lookit! News!

Hello folks, and welcome to Thursday! For the first day of the Steam Sale, I thought today would be much lighter on news, but nope, there’s a good chunk to cover. Let’s get at it!

  • Star Conflict – A new version adds new invasion elements, more customization and a row of bug fixes.
  • Freespace Tactics – One of the leads of this game said on Kickstarter, and I quote, “If this is successful, it will certainly help us get a couple steps closer to a new PC game.” GO SUPPORT THIS GAME THEN! ;)
  • Wing Commander – The CIC has some lovely sketch art from a fan of some early era fighters. Check it out!
  • Apollo4X – Space Sector has written up a fairly extensive preview of this economic-based 4X. You can also check out my preview along with our podcast with the developer as well! ;)
  • Starpoint Gemini 2 – A new patch adds a boatload of new stuff, like new mission types, a war global event and more! Might be time to dive back in!
  • Bridge Commander 2 – So apparently this exists. It’s a fully fan-made project, and according to the page, Paramount, CBS and Activision all have “no problem” with it. Color me skeptical. Thanks to John for finding this!
  • Approaching Infinity – The developer got his boxed copies of the game today from Shrapnel Games, so he and his ADORABLE daughter did an unboxing video. Too cute to watch.
  • Elite: Dangerous – Chris Robers (yes, that one) wrote a lovely little congraluatory piece about the game’s release, and shows an exceptional attitude about not only fellow game developers, but space games in general.
  • Evochron Mercenary – Another new video! This one is a racing tutorial, showing off one of the more unique aspects of the game.
    li>Star Command Galaxies – The alpha of this is now available, along with a teaser trailer that’s actually fairly funny. I got a copy of the alpha too, so stay tuned for coverage!
  • Interplanetary – If you want to learn how to use railguns in this game, you’re in luck because there’s a brand spanking new tutorial for ya! ;)
  • Gates of Horizon – I’ve never heard of this game, but it’s out on Steam today! Apparently it’s a spacey conquest MMO, and it looks nifty!

That’s it for today folks! Have a great one!

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News Cannon for 12/17/14: I’ll Have Catch Up with That…

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