Incoming! New Spacey Gaminess on the Horizon!

So Many Games! So Little Time!

So Many Games! So Little Time!

Hey kids, how are ya? I’m popping in because I’ve been swamped with info surrounding a passel of new space games coming down the pipe, and since I’ve not the time to do a full news digest right now, I thought I’d at least highlight all these new games I’ve been finding (both on my own and with your help, thank you very much). :) Let’s take a look at some of these new critters, in no particular order:

  • Excubitor – This was explained to me as a mix of Orcs Must Die and Nuclear Throne, which is a great pedigree if you ask me. :)
  • Ancient Space – A very pretty grand space combat strategy thing from Paradox!
  • Infinite Explorers – A 3D sandbox that includes both space and planetary fun.
  • Space Engineers – A Minecraft like space building sandbox thingy.
  • Cimmerian Space – This is a browser-based space construction and combat game currently running a Kickstarter.
  • Star Commander – Found out about this one via RPS, and it looks like a nifty 4X.
  • Solarsystem Conflict – Found this one on Greenlight, looks to be a multiplayer buildy spacey shooty thing.
  • Requiem Earth – This is an RTS/sim mix that apparently allows you to command any ship in the field. Also found via Greenlight.
  • Jameson the Pilot – EVERYONE chimed in to let me know about this one, which looks to be a top-down open universe shootey/tradey/piratey thing, so thank y’all. :)
  • Star Fleet Armada – This looks to be a Star Control 2 cloney thing with procedural galaxies, and an alpha to download! Also found on Greenlight.
  • Pixel Space – Also found this on Greenlight, looks to be an infinite spacey shootey questy thing.
  • Avoidance – Looks to be a space and planetary RPG thingy that you can currently and exclusively pre-order on Desura.
  • Beyond Sol – A top-down open-universe multiplayer sandbox game thing, which looks pretty nifty.
  • Apollo4x – The developer contacted me about their upcoming 4X space strategy game that has trade and tactical warfare! It’s also on Greenlight.
  • Seldon Crisis – This massive MMO with one foot in EVE and the other in Asimov’s Foundation trilogy is currently running a Kickstarter!
  • Transverse – A controversial space combat MMO from the folks who brought us Mechwarrior Online.

The Wiki has been updated with these games as well, if you need help getting an idea just as to the massive amount of space games in development (which is so lovely to see). I hope this helps y’all keep track of what’s incoming! Have a great day my friends!


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SGJ Podcast #73: Star Command: Revolution and Other Frivolities

It's a Classic and It's Cray!

It’s a Classic and It’s Cray!

Hello my friends, and welcome back to the Space Game Junkie Podcast! After a couple of weeks off so that I could prepare for and recover from my recent move, we’re back! Yay! This week, Jim, guest cohost Todd “Nack” and I discuss, some new space games such as Transverse, and then jump into our main topic, the classic 1996 RTS Star Command: Revolution, which was recommended by reader Timmaigh! (thanks Timmaigh!). My copy of the game had no manual, but even with that issue, I had actually a great time with the game.

Now that I’m back in the saddle, we have a passel of guests and topics coming up, which you can see in the right sidebar, along with several irons on the fire, so stay tuned as I’ll continually update the schedule as I get new guests and topics. If you have a guest or a topic you’d like to suggest, please say so in the comments below or hit us up at Thanks for listening/watching, and we hope you enjoy the show! :)


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