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Frustrations and Evolutions – Hailing Frequencies for 8/31/17

Welcome to Thursday, my friends! Today brings us the last video of the week, because I’m a different gamer than I was in 1995 when Stars! was new and shiny. Maybe I had more patience back then, because there were fewer games and I had more time. I’m not sure, but in today’s video, I… Read More »

You Dropped a Bomb on Me – Hailing Frequencies Open for 8/30/17

Welcome to Wednesday my friends! Yay! The week is half over, and with a long weekend coming up (for us in the U.S. at least) I can’t WAIT for Friday to get here. Until then though, there’s stuff to talk about! First up is last night’s podcast, which went great save for a couple of… Read More »

Just Another Manic…Tuesday? – Hailing Frequencies Open for 8/29/17

Hello my friends, and welcome to Podcast day! So, so sorry I didn’t write one of these yesterday, but I only got four hours of sleep and just did NOT have the mental capacity to get through the work day and do one of these, so today you get something of a doubleshot, with news… Read More »

Logistics and Deadlocks – Hailing Frequencies Open for 8/24/17

Hello my friends, and welcome to Thursday! Sorry I didn’t post one of these yesterday, but the day totally got away from me, and when I finally got home, I needed to save my mental energy so that I could play and record some Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, of which I received a key yesterday. I… Read More »

Tired Tuesday – Hailing Frequencies Open for 7/11/17

Hello, my friends, and welcome to Podcast Day! :) I’m super excited because tonight we’re talking to the developer of what I feel is one of the biggest surprises of 2017, Star Fleet Armada Rogue Adventures. If you’ve seen my series on the game, you know it’s something of a throwback/homage to exploration/adventure games of… Read More »