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Let’s Play Starflight – Entry 5 – Oh No, it’s The Po-Po!

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series: Starflight Review

Welcome back to Starflight, my friends! In this final video entry, I finally, FINALLY get to show you this game’s high-larry-ous copy protection scheme. Beyond that I do a bit more mining and get a ton of coin to upgrade my ship and crew. Folks, if you’ve not played this game, you need to, if… Read More »

Spacey Gamey NewsiDealsNess – 12/19/12

Hey y’all, happy Wednesday! I’m still on the mend, but feeling better, in case y’all were wondering, which is great because it’s less than a week now before Christmas, yay! I hope y’all thought long and hard about what y’all are gonna get me, I have HUGE expectations! ;) Seriously, folks, every visit and comment… Read More »

GOG 2012 DRM-Free Holiday Sale is ON!

Hey y’all, GOG’s 2012 DRM-Free Holiday Sale has begun, and they have 50% off nearly every dang thing, plus they’ll be having daily deals with 75% off a particular game each day as well! For spacey gamers, this means the following: Darkstar One for $4.99 Descent 1+2 for $4.99 Descent 3 for $4.99 Fragile Allegiance… Read More »

Space Game News and Deals – 11/28-30/12

Hey y’all, happy Friday! SO, SO sorry about the lack of news for the last couple of days, lots of busy work stuff that had to be finished and I just had neither the time or the energy. Things have slowed a bit now, so now I can get caught up, so let’s dive in,… Read More »

Massive Atari Games Sale on GOG!

The wonderful folks at GOG is having another Atari All Stars sale — which is always awesome — and this includes a bunch of spacey games, including: Master of Orion 1+2 for $2.39 Master of Orion 3 for $3.99 Star Control 1+2 for $2.39 Star Control 3 for $2.39 Independence War Deluxe for $2.39 Independence… Read More »