Star Crusader – Holy Jehoshaphat – Let’s Play Entry 7


Welcome back to Star Crusader my friends! In this entry, we first capture a freighter full Zemun fighters inside a nebula, which is CRAZY. I had no IDEA this game had nebulas! Five years before Freespace 2 had ’em, my friends! This game continues to blow me away. Thankfully we capture the freighter, and in mission TWO, we conduct a raid in Zemun ships against the Tancreds in the hopes of promoting hostilities between the two uneasy allies. FINALLY, I’m to conduct a stealthy recon mission of some ore satellites when…I get caught, but I then fight my way through it and finish the mission anyway! Crazy stuff! I’m taking a break for the day after this one because this entry was exhausting! In a good way!

Author: Brian Rubin

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