Let’s Play The Viceroy – Entry 5 – The First 4R Game?

Partisans? Nice!
Partisans? Nice!

Welcome back to The Viceroy my friends! In this final entry, I work to cure another challenge while building up the territory’s science capacity, all the while fighting a slowly increasing band of rebels. Overall, I really, really like this game. I care about these virtual people and want to help them, it appeals to that part of me that wants to do good, to help rebuild, and for that, this game succeeds brilliantly. I will definitely keep playing this game, likely long, long after this series is complete, as it just scratches an itch I didn’t really even know I had. By giving this universe a history, a calamity, and then asking to help me rebuild, it’s almost as if it’s a reverse of the 4X. There’s really no exploit or exterminate (other than rebels). It’s more a 4R. Research, Rebuild, Reorganize and Reenergize (okay, I fudged that last one), because you’re fixing something that existed, rather than building something up from nothing, and I really like that. ;) Thanks so much for watching folks, and I implore you to check this game out!

Author: Brian Rubin

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