Let’s Play Unending Galaxy – Entry 5 – Hunting Bounties

Come Here Bountied Scum!
Come Here Bountied Scum!

Welcome to the final entry in my Let’s Play series covering Unending Galaxy! In this entry, I try the mercenary/bounty hunter scenario, and boy is it fun. Hunting bountied ships seems to be a skill in and of itself, so it takes me a while to finally track some down. Once I figure out how to track them down, I take down a few, but I also run into some problems, like OTHER bounty hunters getting there first, or ships more powerful than mine! It’s a dangerous life, but a fun one. Overall, this game is a BLAST and I absolutely love it, and I’ll keep playing it long, long after this series has ended. I want to thank you all for watching this series, and invite you to check out the game yourself, as I think you’ll really like it. See you next week with Galactic Civilizations III!

Author: Brian Rubin

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