Let’s Play Galactic Civilizations III – Entry 2 – The First Two Xs

Pew Pew! Get' Em!
Pew Pew! Get’ Em!

Welcome back to Galactic Civilizations III my friends! In this entry I continue the saga of the Badasses as they try to gain a foothold in their sector of the galaxy. Here, we spend much of our time expanding and scouting, along with building a new colony (with intelligent radiation of all things!). We also lost a scout to some pirates. We then built some new shipyards and starbases (our first actual starbase, yay!) to unlock new ships and build more awesome stuff, and in order to deal with the pirates. The game is just chugging along, so let’s hope the path I’m on spells victory! Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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