Let’s Play Freespace 2 – Entry 7 – Going Deep Undercover

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Best Version of Asteroids Ever...

Best Version of Asteroids Ever…

In this installment of Freespace 2, I’m asked to join special operations (which I obviously can’t refuse…well, I could, but come on) in order to go deep undercover in the NTF. This begins a small series of side-missions called the “SOC Loop”, of which there are two and take place outside the main acts of the game.

In this mission, I’m to help escort the NTF Iceni — the rebels’ flagship –through an asteroid field and destroying any asteroids that might be on a collision course, inciting the best version of Asteroids ever. ;) Join me as I complete the mission:

SOC Loop 1, Mission 1: Rebels & Renegades

Thanks for watching, and enjoy!

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4 Responses

  1. Captain Kal says:

    I think this is where I took a big brake from FS2. And eventually lost my saves!!! (Spoiler Alert: I think the next mission is an escort mission, and is damn hard to beat).

  2. Ben From 4xstar says:

    Hi! Ben from whatever it is here. Are there forums? I can’t find the forums. Maybe there should be some forums? So I don’t have to pollute every post with my comments, and can express myself while staying out of the way of normal, good people?


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