Let’s Play Distant Star: Revenant Fleet – Entry 8 – Freaking Defeated


Welcome back to Distant Star my friends! Now, do y’all recall how I was worried about how all the criticals I’d been acquiring might be slowing us down, to the point where they’re chipping away at our success. Well I’ll be damned if I wasn’t right. In this entry, we come to our last battle against an enemy hit squad, and they make short work of us. It’s a shame, because I felt we’d gotten a good distance within the sector, but all our combined criticals slowed us down and really held us back in the end I think. I think the critical element (hah) here really works well, since your ships don’t get outright destroyed, but have wounds that can eventually be healed with the right equipment (which you only find every so often). It helps keep the game moving forward while also makes loss in battle have a real, tangible effect. Overall, this is a really fun game with some frustration, but a game like this is meant to be frustrating. I’m definitely going to keep playing it because I enjoy it immensely, and you should definitely check it out. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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