Let’s Try to Play Ares Rising – Entry 2 – Just Jump Already! GAH!

Go! C'mon! Jump! Fly!
Go! C’mon! Jump! Fly!

Welcome back to Ares Rising my friends! In this entry, I FINALLY get the game working by forcing it to run in a window, thanks to a program called DXWnd! So I again try the first mission…twice. The first time I ran into a turret. The second time, I couldn’t jump for some reason (there’s no jump button, nor is there a clear way to do it), so I accidentally ejected and died. This game is done, I tried you guys, I really did, but wow, it’s just a mess in so many ways.

Again, this was recorded with a ModMic Omni 4.0 for review purposes, and again, I think it sounds pretty good, don’t you? ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

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