What Should I Play on Thursday, 5/19/16?

Photo: 100% Accurate.
Photo: 100% Accurate.

Hey friends, it’s time for a new poll for this week! Remember you can vote up until Noon on Wednesday, and if you have a suggestion for next week’s poll, be sure to say so! Now on with the poll!

Thanks as always for voting, my friends!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “What Should I Play on Thursday, 5/19/16?

  1. Hi Brian,
    Have you ever played Hard Nova? Its somewhat simplified Sentinel Worlds with better graphics.
    You should give it a go.

    1. Hey there, welcome! I did play Hard Nova back in the day, still own it in fact, but never got horribly far in it as it wasn’t as much fun as Sentinel Worlds.

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