Let’s Play Iron Sky: Invasion – Entry 5 – Erhalten Sie unsere Füße nass

Ach! Mein Leiben!
Ach! Mein Leiben!

Welcome back to this final entry in Iron Sky: Invasion my friends! In this final entry, we look and the second and final piece of DLC for the game, MeteorBlitzkrieg. In this mode, you play as the Moon Nazis, and have twenty minutes to protect your space zeppelins as they approach earth. The Nazi fighter you fly is quite different than their Earth forces bretheren, as they don’t have shields and they also have limited ammo reserves, which makes fighting a bit different than when you have both of those things on your side. This basically makes the game a massive escort mission, but I didn’t mind because it was so fun. This game is, overall, such a pleasant surprise. It’s fun, funny, and deeper than one might expect at first blush. I’m having a great time with this, and I definitely plan to keep playing it. You should definitely check out the game if you’re looking for some quick and dirty space combat, but maybe with a mild strategy layer as well. It’s really fun and fast-paced, and I can’t help but recommend it. Thanks for watching, my friends!

Author: Brian Rubin

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