Let’s Play Starships Unlimited – Entry 1 – A Different Kind of 4X

Pretty Prize!
Pretty Prize!

Welcome, my friends, to Starships Unlimited. This game is a very unique and undersold 4X that came out in the early and mid 2000s to little fanfare, sadly. This is because this is a fairly unique 4X that relies on a few different mechanics than more traditional 4X games. First off, the amount of both ships and colonies are very small. This is because both are expensive to build and maintain, and get more expensive the more you add, so each colony and ship is a very valuable, near-irreplaceable resource. While the lack of needing to build colonies is a bit freeing, you still run into the same issue of competing for the same resources as the next guy, and the AI in this game has no fucks to give. In this entry, I meet a few races and find that my position in the galaxy aaaaiiiin’t the best.

Author: Brian Rubin

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