Let’s Play Protostar – Entry 4 – How the Mighty…

You Son of a Bitch!
You Son of a Bitch!

Welcome back to Protostar my friends! In this entry we again mine quite a bit and run into the Vantu for the first time! They’re weird! Apparently if you even question their prices by bartering, they’re SO insulted that they’ll just be done with you in a moment, and won’t speak to you again on the subject. It’s HILARIOUS. This one Vantu didn’t like that I bartered for Molybdenum, and eventually would hear no more on the subject. Period. Hilaaaaarious. We then went to a system with an unregistered planet only to find Skeech awating us, and after a REALLY annoying bout of combat (f&*k the controls in this game. SERIOUSLY), I faced a glorious and honorable death. Yay?

Author: Brian Rubin

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