Let’s Play Iron Sky: Invasion – Entry 4 – The Power is Yours

Fools! Giving Me all the Power! MUAHAHAHA
Fools! Giving Me all the Power! MUAHAHAHA

Welcome back to Iron Sky: Invasion! In this entry, we look at The Second Fleet DLC pack, which puts you in command of the entirety of Earth’s space forces (basically three carriers and their squadrons) as you all jump around the map dealing with threats as they approach Earth. In this DLC, all the ships are unlocked from the get-go, and there are no FMV story beats, meaning you can just jump right in and deal with what you want. The choices here are great too. Want to take a bomber and concentrate primarily on zeppelins while your fleets deal with smaller ships? Fine. Want to primarily deal with fighters while you have your fleets deal with the big boys? Go ahead. It’s surprisingly fun and varied, and I could see this being perfect for a quick bout of “I need to shoot something” gameplay. This is fairly close to pure Star Raiders-style gameplay here.

Author: Brian Rubin

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