Let’s Play Ceres – Entry 4 – More Competence

Take Out 'Dem Pirates!
Take Out ‘Dem Pirates!

Welcome back to Ceres my friends!! In this entry, I take my newly upgraded ship out for a new mission! Since upgrading my ship, I’m able to take on more pirates, and thank GOD because the mission I took was ENTIRELY geared towards taking out pirates. I let my little wingman buddy go though, since he had no way to loot materials in order to repair his ship (though he still had drones, WTF). I think I’m finally starting to gel with the game’s…let’s say obtuse UI, which is good, because I’m liking this more and more the more I play.

Author: Brian Rubin

1 thought on “Let’s Play Ceres – Entry 4 – More Competence

  1. I tired to get into this game. Downloaded the demo. No matter what I did I couldn’t really get a hang on ship movement. I’d do that double right click and have no idea where my ship was going. There have been a lot of patches since then so I might give it another go.

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